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Transcendal Scientist Dr Joseph Michael. Teamwork @ http://www.sunrider.com 
East West Philosophical Mental Physical Education. Herbal cleanse and nourish
advance tradition with option for beauty and environment selection. Our network
provides option to learn advanced mental physical perspective and perception... 
Active Independent Business Owners get a free T shirt and 37 dimension option.
Sponsor information: Joseph Michael  admin@drjosephmichael.us  7025411730 
Organize with people then learn, teach (profit/nonprofit) how to live long, prosper 
from improving lives. Exclusive data from 3 dimension  members of our network.. 
Electronic Telepathy (Electronic Clairvoyance Documented In Parapsychology Encyclopedia) Movie Producer. If you have a question; just ask Joseph Michael.
I have over 23 years of parapsychology research experience from Electronic
Clairvoyance. Movies from 1982  E.T.  First Science Of The Cable Guy during
the early 1990's and Next 2007 have Electronic Clairvoyance scenes. The law
must be equal for every person and science from the way we each are treated
and/or judged. if not; then it is abuse of power, verified beyond renaissance era.
Science delayed is science abused. Freedom of speech & press reveals truth...
Religious freedom protects monotheist polytheist and atheist. It does not allow
direct or indirect defamation demonization. People have the legal human right
to criticize when they abused to get respect and stop abuse. When society tells
and proves the truth and accepts when wrong which encourage truth reciprocal
behavior relations expect to live 100 years young and prosper from improving
lives with greater knowledge of our universe; here and beyond life on Earth...
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