Dr Joseph Michael - Company Message

Business Consultants with parapsychology improve mental 
physical perspective perception therefore behavior relation

The first 3 dimensions are universal principles that define, credential, strengthen 
every institution, therefore government toward prophylaxis longevity and beyond
http://www.drjosephmichael.us/2-dimension spiritual realm reservoir historic,re-
present, futurist data of every civilization.  D.N.A. origin universal intelligence &
language. Science can be improved to save lives and provide greater knowledge
http://www.lumosity.com  credential the science of parapsychology; increasing 
our mental and physical perspective, perception. Improving behavior relations is
lucrative because it saves a lifetime to get the best product service that improve 
our mental physical and financial potential. There are proven methods improving
behavior relations. A great example is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silicon_Valley   
Consultants, trainers that improve behavior relations also increase productivity &
earnings potential, for every person that learns how. Start a consultant business  
with the option to learn then teach parapsychology.  It will provide direct and the 
network sales earnings with http://www.sunrider.com   Use sponsor information 
I.D. Number 008052530.  Parapsychologist can earn beyond improving behavior
relations and increasing our perspective and perception. Problem solve/decipher.

I have improved my perspective and perception from parapsychology.  Proportion
e.s.p. cards (1920's called zener cards), electronic clairvoyance, spirit seance &
telepathy are documented in parapsychology encyclopedia.  Telecommunication
has polarized (increased general awareness) philosophy spirit science, including
parapsychology.   Research historic scientific discoveries advanced and delayed
with the benefit after society accepted it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_internet



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