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Federal Hall Archived President George Washington First Letter To Congress. It
Quoted: "Beings That Rule The Universe". The Governments Of China and India
enhancing our mental physical potential. Western Nations tradition is not aware
of the parallel intelligence that built computer science ~ silicon valley ~ internet.
http://www.lumosity.com  http://www.wailana.com that increase our mental and 
physical perspective,and perception.  Consultant can personal train people how 
to live long, prosper from improving lives. Direct and network marketing earnings 
of consultant, trainer, independent business owner can earn more money when 
they have more clients. Join our network via http://www.sunrider.com  products.
It provides insight to eastern philosophical mental and physical nourishment...
Note the sponsor information for independent business owners, Joseph Michael 
admin@drjosephmichael.us 702-541-1730. Current primary objective is working
with people to live long and prosper from improving lives beyond the 3 dimension.

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