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3rd Dimension: Obtain A Greater Perspective
The 3 dimension is our individual personality. It's the result of our personal decision
from the knowledge of what we learn. Greater knowledge/perspective improves lives.
the conscious mind answers on how our subconscious developed beyond the pulse 
of survival.  The first 3 dimensions streamline our mental physical capacity & ability
The first 3 dimensions principle human potential beyond closing the generation gap 
(rich poor, old young,male female, nationality, religion science, education/disparity 
of science, east west medicine tribal era inherited alienation). It maps definition via
objectives to live long, prosper from improving lives  Strengthen individual potential;
personal decision and responsibility with fact that improve (not fiction/speculation) 
our lives while preventing denial,negligence, brainwash, irrational emotion,violence. 
Benefits beyond extraordinary longevity and greater knowledge of universe develop
from 3 dimension proliferation. Review beyond political science solutions:presented.
History proves that people must organize intellectual and improve their lives for our
leaders to notice and change and improve national policy  Speak for your own self,
during these times of speculation due to lack of political resolve of problems. 
Consultants within our network can devote the time required to train their clients on
how to succeed in direct and network marketing.  The option to pay/donate $20 per
month would incentive them to professional work with people interested in all facets
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http://www.drjosephmichael.us/4-dimension.html    Members can get consultation
and training in person or via telephone 702-541-1730 and also be accepted to view:
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